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Stańczyk Pension CRACOW - apartments, cheap accommodation

Stańczyk Pension – one of the most cosy accomodation between hostels and apartments in Cracow
We invite You to our pension Stańczyk – nice and cheap accommodation in Krakow. We offer you 40 places in 1,2,3,4,6,8 bedded rooms with bathrooms. The Stańczyk Pension is at the Kalwaryjska street in a historical district of Cracow called Podgórze. The history of this district is undividedly connected with the extermination of Krakow Jews. Our pension is situated nearby Kazimierz the centre of Jewish culture and the Wawel Hill with the Royal Castle.

Church of St
Aerial view of Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland

why is it worth to choose us?

Close to the pension there are two 24 hours watched parking places. One of them is located vis-à-vis the pension and the another one is about 150 m from us.
There’s a posibility to have a meal in a local nice bar , where you can get” home – made” dishes, or visit OGNIEM I MIECZEM- restaurant famouse for old , Polish , traditional kitchen and the unique atmosphere . It’s only 150 m from the hotel and worth to come and see.

„STAŃCZYK” - The King of buffoons … The Buffooon of kings …

In a huge galery of a historical polish personage one of the most interesting was Stańczyk. He was propably born in 1480 and died in 1560. He was the most famous court jester in Polsh history. He was employed by three polish kings: Aleksander Jagiellonian, Zygmunt I the Old and Zygmunt II August. Some historians suppose that „Stanczyk” was a diminutive of „Stanisław Gąska” the jester’s true name. Others however maintain that Gąska was in fact Stańczyk’s less talented collegue. He is remembered as a man of great inteligence and a political philosopher. He used his job to criticize and warn his contemporaries by the use of satire. His witty jokes often pertained to current political or court matters.

He was an inspiration for the poets, painters and kings …